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About Plagiarism Checker


Increased plagiarism has led to popularity and increased use of free plagiarism checker online. Nobody wants a content that is copied. Moreover professors, website owners who hire content writers and other organizations condemn that people are copying and pasting the content from internet just to complete the assignment and make money. All thanks to some good websites that is dealing with plagiarism, you are able to catch writers who are copying and are guilty of doing plagiarism. In the internet world the uniqueness of an article completely depends on how major search engines like Google, yahoo and others see your article. There are different tools available to catch plagiarism. Many of them provide accurate results and are very much user friendly. One such website is Here you can check your complete data for free and see if there is any plagiarism or not. This free plagiarism checker is completely free and provides you with best results.

Steps on using niceseotools online:

If you are unsure or doubtful about a certain piece of article and you feel it is copied from web, then you can do this:

  1. Browse over internet, open online.
  2. You will see a blank box where you have to paste the text. Post the test in that box. Press the search button. Niceseotools is a good plagiarism checker hence it only takes a minute to provide you with the results.
  3. If your article or text has copied sentences, then the checker will detect those lines and highlight them with a different color.
  4. Click on highlighted sentences. The plagiarism checker will then take you to original website from which the text has been copied.
  5. Now when you are aware of copied sentences and texts, you can revise the article and make it unique.
  6. After making the necessary changes you can again check the article using niceseotools and check for free again.
  7. You can keep checking until the checker shows no highlights. When there will be no highlights this means that now the content is unique and original.

Advantages of niceseotools plagiarism checker for writers:

Just imagine the embarrassment that you have to face when it is claimed that you have copied the article. No doubt sometimes it happens unintentionally that a line or sentence shows copied. This not only questions your professionalism but also creates misunderstandings and shows you in bad light even when you are not at fault. comes handy whenever you wish to make certain that your article is completely unique.

Some benefits highlighted below are of great use:

  1. The website is easily accessible and anybody can use this tool without complications again and again for free.
  2. The tool is extremely popular and is suggested by many users who claim that the tool is very useful and everyone else who is looking for a free plagiarism checker should definitely try it.
  3. Shows you all the sources scanned by the tool. This means that the software works great for checking plagiarism.
  4. The tool gives you a complete detailed report on the copied portions and hence you should prefer this tool over others.