Sumo wrestler says he’s not the focus of Olympics rumor

RDP – The Associated Press Sports – SEOUL, South Korea — Sumo wrestling’s greatest is on the prowl, but he’s also taking a break from the competition, and he’s got a reason to: His name is Ryoji Yamaoka.

In an interview with The Associated Post on Monday, Yamaoya, a 19-year-old who competes under the ring name Sumo Kage, said he’s retiring from wrestling because of a lingering knee injury.

Yamaoka, who is scheduled to start training for the Olympics in Tokyo in August, has won two medals and been part of the Sumo Association for 20 years.

His nickname “Sumo Kaga” is the Japanese term for the word “sumo.”

He’s won two Olympic gold medals in the sport.

Yamasoka’s goal in coming to the Olympics is to become the first Japanese wrestler to win two gold medals, which would qualify him for the next Olympics in 2020.

He hopes to qualify for the 2020 Summer Games in South Korea.

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Yamasoka is known as one of the best wrestlers in Japan.

He was the first Sumo fighter to qualify as a gold medalist in the international competition in the 1960s.

He won four titles in Japan and one in the U.S. He also has a pair of titles.

Yamano is a member of the Kage clan, a popular wrestling family that is popular with Japanese fans.

The Kage have been active in Sumo in Japan for nearly three decades.

The Sumo association has not publicly discussed Yamao’s retirement, but Yamaoshi, who won a silver medal in Tokyo’s Olympic games in 2010, told The AP that he is considering a move to professional wrestling.

He said he has a goal of competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

His main goal is to win gold medals.

He said he will not be returning to Sumo.YAMAOYA, the first Japan wrestler to qualify, says he would like to return to Sumoguchi (Kage) and is preparing to fight on the Tokyo 2020 team.

He told The Associated Statesman that he wants to become an Olympic champion.

Yamioka has won five Olympic medals and is part of one of Japan’s most successful sumo families.

He has competed in more than 50 sumo events and won four medals, including a silver in Tokyo, and two golds.

Yamaguchi is the world’s largest sumo tournament and has been held annually since 1984.

The Sumo Japan Association has a worldwide network of affiliates and affiliates have competed in the championships for a number of years.

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