GOP strategist: Trump ‘wasn’t going to lose’ by using Trump’s tweet to score points

Republican strategist and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says President Donald Trump’s “wasn” by using his Twitter account to score political points against the president and congressional Democrats, who had not taken the bait.

“Trump didn’t think he was going to be attacked,” Bannon told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday.

“The president was going after us.

The Democrats were going after him.

He was going for his ratings, he was just going to use the president’s Twitter account and do it in the most direct way possible.

He didn’t expect us to respond.

The president was just trying to score.

I mean, he thought he was really going to win.

He thought he’d be able to win a few days ago.

But he didn’t realize that he was gonna be able get it through the whole country and the country would react.”

Bannon added that Trump’s attack on Schumer and Pelosi was not only unfair, but also “unfair.”

“That tweet was so stupid, so ridiculous, so wrong, and so cruel,” he said.

“He wasn’t going for the ratings, but he was trying to make a point.

The real reason the Democrats were so angry and so furious about it was because they knew the president was trying.

And they were going to have to respond to that.

He couldn’t do that.

It was unfair, and he shouldn’t have been able to do that.”

Hannity said Bannon’s comments were particularly ironic given Bannon’s own recent statements about how he would use Twitter to fight back against Trump.

The Republican strategist has long been known for his use of social media, with his recent comments about using social media to fight the president.

He has used Twitter as a tool to counter the president on a number of occasions, including at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, where he said he would fight Trump and other Republicans by using social issues to “distract” the media.

And in an interview with Breitbart News in May, Bannon suggested that he would “destroy” the president by using the social media platform to target his enemies.

“I think the president is going to find that he’s going to need social media and the internet, and the media is going the other way,” Bannon said.

The president has been using social networks like Twitter to attack his opponents and to score high in the polls.

But the White House has not taken a direct swipe at Schumer and his allies.

“The president is using social platforms, like Twitter, to attack the president, and in doing so, he’s not just hurting his opponents, he is hurting his base,” Bannon added.

“I think that he will eventually find that the Democrats are going to turn on him and turn on the American people.

But, I don’t think we are going back to the days of, ‘Oh, the Democrats have been trying to shut down his presidency.’

I don of course think we’re going to.”

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