How to make your own water pipe to cool your home

An Australian startup has created a device that lets you turn water into steam, as well as make it flow.

It’s called a Sagar Sutra, a water pipe that makes water flow.

“You can turn a shower shower into a steam shower and you can turn your bathtub into a boiling kettle and you just plug in your water and it turns into steam,” Sagar co-founder and CEO Chris O’Leary told CBC News.

Sagar sells water pipes to the home-care industry, including for people who have to clean toilets, wash dishes, and clean sinks.

The company uses its own patented technology, which it calls Sagar-Tech, to deliver steam and steam energy.

“The steam can be generated from a small source like your own shower or from the water pipes or from a kettle,” O’Leigh said.

The Sagar product is designed to last for years, but the company is currently working on a water heater, which will make it easier to turn water and heat into steam.

SarnaSutra uses a small piece of PVC pipe, called a sagar, as a heat source.

The sagar is attached to a heat exchanger.

A heat exchangers is a small appliance that allows water to be heated by flowing air through a small tube.

The heat exchanges use the same technology as the water heater but instead of pumping air through pipes, they convert it into steam and electricity.

The water and steam can then be pumped into the appliance and the energy generated by that can be used for cooling the home.

A sagar can produce steam or heat at different rates depending on the heat output from the appliance.

A typical sagar works at about 2.5 litres per hour.

O’Leslie said it is the first water heaters that use a heat engine, which allows for the heat to be generated in a relatively small amount of time.

The steam can also be generated by a series of pipes connected to a water heater.

The technology is so small that it can be manufactured with very little parts, O’Laurels team said in a press release.

A water heater uses a series or pipes to create steam.

Olao has sold about 40,000 of the SagarSutra products, but only about 300 of them are in use in the world.

OLAO has received $20,000 from the federal government to develop the product.

OAlfonso said he is very proud of the company and the technology it has been working on.

“We’ve got some very interesting challenges ahead of us, but we’re not slowing down,” OAlesso said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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