Weeks of the UK’s NHS wait times: What we know, what we don’t know, and why it matters

4.29 Theresa May’s Government has announced a £3bn programme to improve the NHS.

The Prime Minister’s website says: Today we are announcing a £1bn programme for improving the NHS and delivering on our commitment to deliver a better and more secure healthcare system.

This programme will deliver over £2.5bn of funding over three years to deliver better care, better value for money, and a safer and more prosperous NHS.

But what does the government mean by that?

We’re not told.

We’re told only that the Government is making good progress.

But why is it taking action now?

The government says it’s making good on the commitment it made during the last Parliament to deliver £5bn worth of funding by the end of 2020.

It says the funds will help support the delivery of the NHS’s five-year strategy.

It adds: This £5 billion is in addition to the £3 billion that the government has already provided to the NHS since May 2020.

What is the government’s spending plan?

There’s a lot of talk in the media about the £5b spent in 2020.

But how much does the Government actually spend?

The Government has not published any of its spending plans for 2020.

In fact, it’s been reported that the total spending for the next three years will be around £20bn.

So the government is actually spending almost nothing on the NHS in 2020 and the next five years.

It is spending a bit over £10bn a year.

The government will continue to spend money on NHS care for its own citizens, however, as it did in 2017.

It has announced an extra £1.6bn for the NHS by 2021.

What are the main issues the government needs to address?

In 2016, the government announced that it was reducing its spending by £4.5 billion in 2020 from the previous year.

What does that mean?

The UK spends £7 billion on the National Health Service every year.

That means that over the next four years, the UK will spend £7bn less on health services.

This is partly because of the cuts announced in April this year.

It means the government will have to spend more money on its own healthcare, because it will have less money to spend on other NHS services.

But the government says that this will help ensure the NHS remains a sustainable service.

It will also help keep costs down because the NHS will have more money to fund its own operations.

Is this the first time the NHS has faced such cuts?

It is the first Budget the Government has published.

The previous Budget was in 2019, when it announced a further £4 billion in funding for the National Healthcare Service, as well as £5.5b for the new National Health Support Programme.

The new funding for 2020 is the third in the series.

What will the new funding look like?

It will include £3.7 billion in 2019-20, which will come from the new Health Service Providers Fund.

This fund is designed to fund the delivery and operation of the new health service.

But it is unclear exactly what will be provided.

The Government says it will provide “more funding for frontline services” and “better support for patients and health professionals”.

But this is vague.

In 2019, it announced it was “taking forward” its first £4bn for frontline health services in 2020-21.

So it is clear what the new money will look like.

But where is it going?

The £3billion of funding announced today is the latest in a series of payments the Government announced over the last two years.

In 2016-17, it made an extra payment of £1 billion to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is the UK government’s chief scientific advisory body.

The other payment in 2020 was £1b for a £2bn “super fund” that is being used for “high priority NHS care”.

But it’s unclear how these payments will be used in 2020, when the next Spending Review will be held.

Why is the Government talking so much about the NHS?

It’s a very important issue.

It’s been the subject of much discussion during the campaign.

There was a very strong call to action from many parties, including the Greens, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and others.

But in the end, the Government’s policy on the issue was rejected by voters, who said they were more concerned about the health of the economy and jobs.

It also came under heavy criticism from the Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron.

Here’s what he said about the issue in the Daily Telegraph: We have been campaigning for decades for better healthcare, but we have seen no significant improvement.

We will be working with the business community to ensure that the NHS is able to continue to deliver the best care and care that it can.

The fact that there is a clear difference between the priorities of

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