What you need to know about Google’s ‘seo tools’

When Google first announced its plan to integrate social media into its search engine, it said it would work to make it easier for users to share content on the web.

Today, the search giant has rolled out some pretty ambitious social-sharing tools.

For example, the company is now letting users send images of their dog and cat with links to a pet site.

Some other features of its social sharing tools include sending a message to friends with a photo or a link to a website that allows users to submit content, including photos, videos, or music.

But the company isn’t without some flaws.

For one thing, the Google search engine is now more of a photo and video sharing tool than a photo-sharing tool.

That’s not surprising, given that it’s a tool that Google wants users to make more of.

So it’s built into its basic search interface that users can add their own photos and videos, add a link, and share them.

For some people, that means uploading a picture of their cat, which could potentially get a lot of views.

The more popular that image gets, the more shares that link gets, and the more people can see that link.

For others, the image can get shared and get shared quite a bit, because people tend to post pictures of pets more often than people of other species.

And that can have a big impact on how people respond to the content they post.

Some users also complain that they have to share images of animals on Google to be able to find what they want.

Google says it wants users share their photos, not their animals.

“We’re not a photo company,” Google said in a statement.

But some people do get a rush out of sharing images of dogs and cats, and those users tend to have higher levels of engagement on the search engine.

So Google’s social-sharing tools have worked to improve the user experience for users who are already using Google search.

But those tools have been plagued by some problems.

When it launched its social-share feature, Google said it wanted to give users a choice of what to share.

Users could either share a link or a photo.

But people were not told what the link or the photo would look like.

And the search-engine giant was reluctant to let users choose what their image should look like, even though the default setting is to have it look like an image.

That can lead to some users getting frustrated.

“I have had a few people tell me that the default image for a link on my Google+ page is an image of a cat, and I said ‘I’m not even sure if that’s the default for the link,'” says user Alex Mokhov.

Mokov’s Google+ profile photo includes a photo of a dog, and she says it’s taken a few different photos and the default one looks like a dog.

But that’s not the only problem.

“One of the other problems I have is that I’m having a hard time finding my link,” Mokkov says.

Google has now made some adjustments to address some of the concerns she and other users have.

For instance, it now lets users select a photo from a range of image types, instead of just the default.

And it’s allowing users to upload more than one image at a time.

But it still doesn’t provide a way to pick the right image from the list, as it did before.

And a search-result page that shows a list of links doesn’t have a link option, either.

“The reason we’re still using the default is because we think that people who don’t use search often, they will probably have a hardtime figuring out what to select and how to use it,” Google wrote in an internal blog post in January.

But in an email to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson said the company has listened to user feedback.

“While we do not currently offer links in our search results, we have been working to make our search pages more user-friendly,” the spokesperson wrote.

“For example, we are looking into improving our search engine pages, and have started work to integrate links into our mobile search pages.”

It also said that “some of the most popular content on our search page is not available through links in the results.

We’re currently working on this and will continue to improve our search interface for search.”

Google’s move to improve search is part of a broader effort to streamline the search experience for its users, and it’s certainly not the first time the company’s tried to make its search tools easier to use.

The company also recently introduced its own voice-recognition software, called Google Now.

Google Now works like Google Assistant, but instead of talking to you, it asks you questions and offers suggestions based on your previous queries.

And in the months since Google Now debuted, the service has been more popular than ever.

Google said that Now has helped it “to better connect with our users, especially our younger users

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