When the world’s first ‘selfie’ app can be used to share photos and videos with friends

The iPhone app Seo is the first self-made iPhone app that uses a 3D camera to take photos and video with your iPhone.

The feature is still in beta and features limited support for iOS 11, but the app is already attracting a lot of attention.

Here’s how to use Seo, and what you can expect from the new iPhone app.


Set up the Seo account on the iPhone: Go to Settings > Photos & Videos > iPhone > Seo.

Set your account details and the camera.

Once you’re in the Seos account, you’ll see a list of your friends, and select one to record the photo.

The photo will appear in the iPhone’s Photos app, but you can also edit and share the photo on Facebook or Twitter.

(You’ll need to tap and hold the photo in the app’s Gallery to add it to your timeline.)

To set up a selfie, tap the “Add Selfie” button in the top-right corner of the app, and enter the first two digits of your Facebook or Instagram username, and the three digits of the phone number.

This will automatically create a selfie for you.

When the app detects your photo and the corresponding camera, it sends a QR code for the selfie to you.

(Once you’ve set up your selfie, you can then share it with anyone you want on Facebook and Twitter.)

The app is still beta, so you’ll need a copy of Seo to use the feature.

Once Seo has the selfie, it can be shared with your friends by swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone.

Tap the “Save Selfie to Camera Roll” button.

(This will also let you save the photo to your Camera Roll, which is accessible from the “Seo” screen.)

This will take you to the Seoworld app, where you can take photos or videos from the Seoan photo and video sharing app, as well as the Seoon camera app.

You can also share photos to Instagram, and upload the selfie directly to Flickr.

(A feature in Seoon that lets you upload your photos to your favorite photo sharing sites will be added in a future update.)

The Seoon app is available in the App Store.

You’ll need an iPhone 6 Plus or later to use it. 2.

Choose a selfie to send: Select the selfie you want to share.

You might want to choose the same selfie for each of your photos and upload them to Instagram.

To add a selfie that’s already taken, just swipe down from the top of the selfie’s screen and select “Add”.

Then tap “Add to Camera.”


Use the selfie: You’ll see the iPhone automatically upload the photo and its video to the iPhone, where they’ll appear in a new “Seoan” app in your photo album.

To take the photo or video, you just tap and drag the selfie onto the Seon app.


Save the selfie as a video: Tap the share button and then tap “Save to Camera”.

(You can save the video by tapping and holding the video in the camera app.)

Once you’ve saved the selfie in the video app, you will be prompted to rate it.

Tap “Rate”.

You’ll then see a “Share this selfie” link that will open in a separate app for you to download and enjoy.

You may need to repeat this process for each photo and/or video you want.

If you’re not satisfied with the result, tap “Quit” and then return to the main app.

When you’re ready to share, tap your favorite selfie and you’ll get a “Send to Instagram” link.

You will need to go into the “My Photos” section of the Seontapp app to select the selfie.


Use your selfie to share with your Facebook friends: You can choose the selfie that you want your Facebook users to see when they visit the Seoa app’s site.

Tap and drag it onto your page, and then choose a selfie you’d like to post on your Facebook page.

If the selfie doesn’t display on your page in a timely manner, try sending a screenshot to your friends.

If they see the screenshot, they’ll also see it in the Instagram app’s camera.

If not, you should tap the share link in the “Receiving” section and send the selfie by tapping the share icon in the upper right corner of your screen.


Share the selfie with friends: Once you send a selfie on Facebook, you may want to send it to a friend to share it to their wall, so that they can see the result.

To do this, tap on the share buttons and select your friend’s photo.

(Your friends will see the selfie on their Facebook page.)

If the person in the photo you want them to see doesn’t have access to Instagram or Facebook, they may need a special account to upload the picture. (They

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