Which of the ’10 worst states in America to live in?’

The U.S. is one of the most racially diverse countries in the world, but it still has some of the highest rates of incarceration in the developed world.

A new report from the Sentencing Project shows that states with the highest incarceration rates are those with the most restrictive sentencing laws, such as those that make it more difficult for people to serve their sentences.

A total of 4.1 million Americans are serving time for a nonviolent drug offense or felony, and about 11 percent of the population is black, according to SentencingProject.gov.

Of those people, about 2.6 million are serving sentences for violent offenses.

The average length of a prison term in the United States is five years.

About 9 percent of Americans have been in prison longer than 20 years.

The Sentencing Program’s report, “10 Worst States in America,” finds that Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina rank in the top 10 for overall incarceration rates.

Texas has the lowest rate of people in prison at just 2.7 percent.

Louisiana has the highest, with a rate of 4 percent.

The report also finds that states that have the most incarceration for nonviolent drug offenses and those that have strict sentencing laws have high rates of both racial disparities and racial disparity in terms of racial disparity.

States with the second-highest rate of incarceration are Florida and Florida.

The Florida prison population is about 5,600 people, while the Louisiana prison population sits at nearly 6,000.

Alabama, Mississippi and South Dakota are the states with rates of 3.9 percent and 2.9%, respectively.

In Mississippi, the incarceration rate is just under 5 percent.

States that have lower incarceration rates have more racial disparities.

The states with a higher rate of prisoners with felony convictions are New Jersey, California, Arizona, Georgia and Massachusetts.

States ranked the worst by the Sentiting Project are the four states with very high rates for violent crimes.

They are New York, Illinois, Michigan and Florida, which have rates of 5.1 percent for violent crime and 2 percent for non-violent crime.

In addition to the racial disparities, states with higher rates of violent crimes have more people incarcerated for nonviolent crimes, including women and people of color.

In California, for example, the prison population for people of all races is 1.4 times larger than that of whites.

The Sentencing Report notes that racial disparities in state incarceration rates and incarceration rates for people with a prior criminal record are significant.

The authors write that “a disproportionate number of people are locked up for nonviolent offenses, including drug offenses, and this results in a high incarceration rate.”

States with a high rate of non-violence offenses also have a higher incarceration rate, with California, Georgia, Illinois and Illinois ranking at more than 6 percent.

States with the lowest rates of non violent offenses are Missouri, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

States ranking in the bottom five in terms at which people are incarcerated for violent offenders include Arizona, California and Massachusetts, all of which have lower rates of people incarcerated.

The state with the largest number of violent offenders is Nevada, which has an incarceration rate of more than 13 percent.

In the top five states, the top two for the total number of persons in prison are Florida, with nearly 1.6 percent, and Louisiana, with more than 2 percent.

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