Linko is launching a seo optimization tool, backlinko

Linko, the self-service search engine, is going to launch a tool called “seo verification” that will allow users to easily verify links from a website without needing to go through the usual steps.

Linko will provide a set of pre-built templates that users can install on their computers to verify a link’s origin, as well as an option for users to submit a link via a form.

Users can then submit the link via social media or a mobile app to verify it and the platform will then check for and verify the authenticity of the link.

Linko, founded in 2013, is the world’s most popular search engine for content.

It has a market cap of $11 billion.

The company has also partnered with Google to offer search optimization for Google+ and the mobile app for Google Search.

Google has partnered with Linko to provide search optimization on its own products and services.

Linkotec has a global market cap, but Linko has a presence in over 100 countries.

The site, which is also called “links” or “seolinko” on its homepage, has had a rocky time in recent months.

Last year, it had to shut down due to a copyright infringement case involving two of its developers.

The service’s problems started when it was hacked by a group of individuals who made money from linking to a number of fake websites.

This led to Linko being shut down by Google, which also pulled Linko from Google Play, Google’s paid app store.

The new tool will help users verify links to sites with the help of an automated verification process, according to the company.

The tool has a set set of templates that Linko users can download.

Users can upload a template to verify the origin of a link, create an account and then create a template that can be used to verify links as well.

Users will be able to upload their own template to be used in the verification process.

The template will be downloaded and validated on Linko’s servers.

The verification process can be done in the browser.

When users submit the links via the Linko platform, they will see a notification that will indicate that the verification has been verified and that the page has been updated.

The user will then be able choose to accept or reject the link by clicking on the “Accept” button.

After verifying the links, Linko says that the verified link will be marked as verified.

Users will then receive an email with a link to view the verification.

The verification process is done automatically and the template is no longer visible.

The link will then expire on the Linkos servers after a few days.

Linkotec said that it believes the tool is useful and that users will be glad to be able check out verified links.

Linkotic is already the largest search engine and a number have gone on to create their own customized websites for Linko.

Linkodoc, the first website that linked to Linkoteca, has more than 500,000 users.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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