Obama signs executive order to help students and teachers navigate their college loans

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Thursday to help millions of Americans navigate their student loans through the Federal Student Aid Office, where they can apply for loans at lower interest rates and receive loans at a lower interest rate.

The order, signed by the president, was aimed at helping students who can’t afford their current loan payments.

The order is the latest sign of the president’s focus on helping Americans avoid the crushing student loan debt they were once forced to shoulder.

Many students who were once unable to pay off their student loan balances were able to receive help from the Obama administration after the recession, said Dan Ritter, director of student loan programs at the Consumer Federation of America.

With more Americans able to pay their loans off, Ritter said, students were able focus more on school, not student debt.

But student loan borrowers are also taking advantage of the Federal Financial Aid and Education Loan Assistance programs, which help students who need to pay for college with federal student loans.

The government also provides loan forgiveness to families that cannot afford to pay down their student debt, but the forgiveness can only be used for certain classes.

A spokeswoman for the FAFSA said that the order does not change the federal government’s loan program, which currently covers more than 4 million borrowers.

Obama’s order will give students more flexibility in their financial situations, Riter said.

Students who need the loan forgiveness program will be able to apply for the program through the FAS office.

There will be a new form to be issued for students to submit applications for the new loan forgiveness assistance.

Ritter said that there are also changes to the FEDPA that will help students.

He said that while the federal loans for student loan payments will remain the same, the Feds rules for forbearance, which allows the government to forgive debt, will change.

The FEDPAS has already been revamped to give more flexibility to borrowers in certain situations, but this change will make it easier for borrowers to make their payments.

“It will be easier for families to refinance their loans,” Ritter told the Times.

This isn’t going to be a perfect transition, but I’m very confident that it will be much smoother than the last one, he said.

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