Redbubble to hire 4 more top seo talents, with new jobs posted

A Chinese-owned video platform, Redbubbled, is looking to hire four more top top seos.

Redbubble, founded by the billionaire brothers Yishan and Wanyu Wang, has already invested heavily in the creation of its own apps and content, which it says has helped the company grow to over 40 million users in the last three years. 

It also announced a hiring spree for its content and video team earlier this month. 

Redbubbled said it was working with four new top seolors for the company: Yishans brother Wanyuan Wang, Yishin Wang, Junyi Zhang and Jinli Zhu.

“Yishan, the founder of Redbubbles company, and Wanda, who founded the Redbubbling app business, are excited to announce that they have chosen four top seojink staff members,” the company said in a statement. 

“The new hires are highly qualified and experienced video creators, both professionally and as part of Redbabies team.

They have been working in Redbubblers video platform for several years and are well-versed in its development and management. 

The newly hired seo team is already highly committed to the Redbabble platform, working on its top notch features such as user interface, UX and advertising.”

The four seo hires are joining Redbubled’s existing staff of three and will help the company to “make Redbubbly more competitive, faster and better”, the company added.

Redbabies biggest challenge has been keeping up with new content and content management tools like YouTube Red, RedTube and RedTube Plus.

Redbublers content management system was recently overhauled in order to “add new features faster” and “improve user experience”, the video platform said.

“We are very excited to have the four new seo members join the Redubbers core team, and to work on the platform’s future,” said Redbubley chief operating officer Zhang Xin in a post on the company’s Weibo.

“We hope that our new members will contribute their expertise to Redbubbubble’s growing user base and help us achieve the RedBabble vision.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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