How to make a copywriting tool and sell it online

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Copywriting tools can be intimidating for new copywriters, but they’re not impossible, and there are some basic skills you can learn to help you get started.

Here are five of the most common copywriting tricks and how to learn them.


The Copywriting Technique: The Copywriter’s Technique This is one of those techniques that everyone seems to be using at some point.

The writer starts by describing what she wants to achieve in her story, and the client responds by offering a few things they might be able to help with.

In the case of this technique, the client might include something like, “You might want to have the main character say something like ‘My name is Scott’.’ I might have the hero say something more like ‘Scott is a guy’.’ Or, ‘The main character could say ‘My wife is my best friend’.’ or even, ‘My friends are my best friends’. 

The idea is that the client’s response to these prompts will help the writer figure out what to write about.

This technique is also called a “strategy”.


The Story-In-Person Technique: Story-in-person copywriting is often described as “telling the story” and often involves some form of story-invention.

The client’s initial response is usually something like “I would love to hear about your story”.

The writer is then given a few options, such as “Have you ever had a story idea?” or “What kind of story do you think you could tell?” or, “Do you think your story would be a good fit for a website?” 

The reader is asked to come up with a story, write it down and then send it back to the writer, along with a brief summary of what the story is about. 

The writer then has a few minutes to write it, which is usually done with an audio recorder.

The audio will be then played back, and if the story has any flaws, the reader can correct them.

The idea here is that, if the writer’s story does not seem to fit, the readers can always come up and correct them themselves.

This will help make sure the reader’s story is solid, and can be shared with other readers. 


The Writer’s Story-Out-of-the-Ring Technique: This is another popular version of story out-of the ring.

This method involves a story writer sitting down with the client and having a brief conversation about the story.

The clients response will typically include something along the lines of “I think that’s a great idea, but I want to get more details.”

The writer can then start working on a story that has more information about the client, and a summary of how the client is described in the story, along the line of “The client is a young girl who likes to read.

She has a friend named Scott.” 

The story will usually include a few short paragraphs that will give the reader more information.

The story may also include a description of what happens to the client in the future, along similar lines.

The reader then has an additional hour to write, which can often be done using an audio-recording device. 


The Client’s Story: This technique comes from the same writer that was used for the Story-With-a-Summary technique.

In this technique the client gets to decide which parts of the story the writer wants to tell, and then the writer decides what those parts are, and what the client needs to know about them. 

A few other common types of story are “the story” or “the first half”.


The Editor’s Story (or Story With an Editor): This is a variation of the Story With a Summary.

In some situations, the story editor may decide what parts of a story should be told, and when they should be written. 

In other situations, such that the writer can’t write without the writer being present, the editor will come up to the writers desk and decide what is important, what needs to be revealed, and where to put it. 

 There are a number of other variations to this technique that can be used, including, “The story you want to tell”, “The character you want the reader to care about”, and “The world you want your story to take place in”. 

 These techniques are all very useful, and you’ll likely find that the copywriting skills you acquire through these methods are valuable in the long run. 

What are your copywriting tips?

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